What is Qbit?

“Qbit” is a web application and platform for creating, sharing, and playing JRPG style Role-Playing Games. Qbit will enable users to create games primarily by drawing maps and filling in storylines, instead of painstakingly writing esoteric computer code. Qbit provides the framework and all the game logic so users can focus on what really matters: Storytelling, world creation, and gameplay. Qbit offers users the ability to easily change the setting and feel of games by simply switching themes. Users will also be able to customize preexisting themes or upload and share their own themes. Think of Qbit as something like Wordpress for publishing your own RPG games.

What’s with the name?

Qbit is a portmanteau constructed from the letter Q in the word “quest” and bit in “8- bit.” It is also a play on the word “cubit,” the ancient unit of measure. The name is meant to evoke the idea of building a world using prefabricated blocks. The name also pays homage to its forebears– Dungeons & Dragons and 8-bit era JRPGs classics such as Dragon Quest.